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Statement of the Swiss Equestrian Federation regarding various incidents in endurance races

24 Februar 2015 12:08

The Swiss Equestrian Federation SEF is outraged by recent dramatic incidents that have arisen in endurance, especially during the Al Reef Cup in Abu Dhabi. It calls upon the International Equestrian Federation FEI to examine the conditions, both in Dubai and Abu Dhabi (UAE), to take immediate and effective measures as well as to continue to act accordingly. It is paramount that the welfare of the horse comes first. As the governing body of equestrian sports, the FEI must find ways to enable the application of sanctions against national federations, which tolerate mistreatment during their national races. Furthermore, the SEF reserves therefore the right under these circumstances to not attend the Elite Endurance World Championships 2016 in Dubai.

In recent weeks the endurance season (group VII of the FEI) in the Middle Eastern countries has been in full swing. Some events left strong traces in the media and on other social platforms and have indicated again in dramatic proportions, that the new regulations of the FEI have not been adopted by all national associations and have respectively not been sufficiently enforced by the FEI officials.

The SVPS is outraged with regard to the horrific events i.e., (multiple fractures in racing, positive doping tests, prohibited manipulations, various rule infringements, as well as too many grooms and vehicles per horse etc...) in various national and international events. It calls urgently upon the FEI, to take immediate and effective measures and to act accordingly.

Given the dramatic incidents of recent weeks, the Danish Federation has already issued a conditional start ban for its riders on events of the group VII of the FEI. The SVPS also strongly advises its endurance riders not to start in eventual races in these countries. Taking part in such races is currently incompatible with Membership of the Swiss elite team.

Under the circumstances, the SEF finds it at this moment also impossible and incompatible with its mission statement for the welfare of the horse, to participate in the next Elite World endurance championships 2016 in Dubai (UAE). The SEF, therefore, reserves the decision, to not attend the WM 2016 and to not send any riders.

Additional Information:

  • Dr. Charles F. Trolliet, President of the Swiss Federation for Equestrian Sports, 
    Tel. +41 79 205 32 91, e-mail:
  • Dr. Claude Nordmann, International Relations, Swiss Federation for Equestrian Sports, Tel. +41 79 353 75 54 E-mail:
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