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The Dutch and the Swiss Federations regret the decision of the FEI in the «Marmoog-case»

06 Dezember 2014 09:21

The Royal Dutch Equestrian Federation and the Swiss Equestrian Federation have taken into consideration the statement given by the FEI on the 2nd of December 2014 concerning the open enquiry on a potential change of horse during the FEI World Endurance Championships in Euston Park (GBR) held in 2012. The federations note that despite the alarming facts concerning the identity of the horse MARMOOG and also the fact that there was what appears to be a change of horse during the competition, for which the FEI does not deny formally, it is not possible to pursue this case for regulatory and legal reasons.

Both federations regret this situation and fully support the intentions, announced by the FEI, to review and optimise not only the procedures related to the identification of horses but also those that resolve the procedures for the filing of claims or complaints, this matter having revealed weaknesses in the current system.

They will follow attentively the announced measures to be carried out in this regard.

For further information:

Dr. Charles F. Trolliet, President of the Swiss Equestrian Federation,
Tel. +41 79 205 32 91, E-mail:

Dr. Claude Nordmann, International Relations, Swiss Equestrian Federation,
Tel. +41 79 353 75 54, E-mail:

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